Route 47 and Scappoose Vernonia Highway

June 10, 2017

Rode Highway 30 from Portland to Clatskanie and for the return trip I took Route 47 to the Scappoose Vernoia Highway until it rejoined 30. Just shy of a 3 hour ride with a distance of 110 miles. The Highway 30 is boring slab until it changes from four to two lanes near Rainier.

Highway 47

The junction of 30 and 47 is easy to miss, use the Safeway in Clatskanie as a landmark, 47 is immediately after it on the left. Route 47 was great, unexpectedly technical and twisty up over the top until you reach the town of Mist.  I was dressed for summer weather but gained enough altitude to get a bit chilly. Pavement was rough in spots but good overall. Be cautious of gravel in some of the apexes and logging trucks.

Scappoose Vernonia Highway

The Scappoose Vernonia stretch is a little more laid back than 47 but still curvy enough to be interesting and very scenic.  Good day trip but was reminded that my BMW R1200R is a sport-standard motorcycle and not a pure sports bike in the tightest twisty bits. It’s a jack of all trades, master of none for sure but excellent overall.

Scappoose Vernonia Highway Scappoose Vernonia Highway Highway 47 Highway 47

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