The Bell Eliminator Helmet

Auto Racing Inspired and New for 2019

November 11, 2018

Bell Powersports touts that their new Eliminator motorcycle helmet is “auto-inspired” and it definitely has a retro auto racing vibe to it both with the lack of protruding vents and the slight lip around the lower edge. Bell absolutely pulled it off with this one and the look works surprisingly well for a motorcycle helmet.

The Eliminator will be available in either a fiberglass composite shell in various colors and schemes or in a bare carbon fiber, both are DOT and ECE certified. It’s offered in 3 shell sizes and is fairly light at 1500 grams. Pricing will range from $399 to $599 with the top-end being the carbon version. The carbon is a fantastic looking large weave with a matte finish and, in my opinion, worth the premium price.

I was able to handle the Eliminator in person at AIMExpo. It looks and feels like a much higher priced helmet and will be a stylish but budget-friendly competitor to the high-end offerings from other manufacturers like Davida, Hedon and Ruby.

The top-vents are an interesting detail that add to the retro look and are the highlight on this helmet but a potential problem is they cannot be closed. The reps from Bell mentioned that a cap or plug would be an available option for using the helmet in the rain but they did not have this part on display at the show. My hunch is that the Eliminator will be ok for light or occasional rain but I’m not sure I would trust it to keep my head dry at speed in a downpour. The optional rain plug also sounds like a part that is going to be lost or not with you when unexpected rain hits. The upside is the venting arrangement should move a lot of air and I’d definitely consider it for summer commuting, when you aren’t likely to get caught out, or for riders in dry climates.

Other than the vents being always open, Bell didn’t sacrifice any other practicality for style. The Eliminator includes many features that will make it useful for real-world riding. It comes standard with Bell’s ProVision anti-fog dual pane face shield which looks like it will be a worthy competitor to Pinlock, if not better. You can add an optional peak visor and run it with goggles, if that’s your thing, which really adds to the ‘retro-cool’ look. Bell also designed in speaker pockets for easy Bluetooth installation, the liner is eyeglass compatible and it even includes a magnetic keeper to hold the strap’s loose end in place.

The Eliminator is a very high-quality, stylish helmet and a good value. I expect it will be a huge seller for Bell in 2019.

Available sometime in December and you can view colors and options at:

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