MotoSolutions Raincoat Pro

September 18, 2017

Motosolutions Raincoat ProI ride in the rain a lot. Living in the Pacific Northwest and commuting daily on the bike, riding in the rain is just how it is, from drizzle to torrential downpours I’m in it. With the Aerostich Roadcrafter I stay dry and for cold days I have a Warm & Safe heated jacket to go underneath my suit but the most difficult thing to deal with is visibility. Not just being seen but being able to see. I’ve tried all sorts of glove squeegee devices to keep my visor clear of rain but the most effective solution I have found is  MotoSolutions Raincoat Pro.

Raincoat Pro is a spray-on solution for your visor that repels water. I’m not versed on the science behind it but my understanding is it’s a hydrophobic coating that causes rain to bead and roll off. Even in hard rain with this applied my visor stays clear and dry. No wiping my visor off at all while riding since the rain just rolls off, simply amazing. I can stay focused on riding and can clearly see out of my visor.

Application is easy, shake the bottle, spray on a few squirts and then buff off with the provided cloth. During the worst parts of the year I apply this weekly or so and it works well for five days of rain. It definitely is best when it’s freshly applied but is still going strong at the end of a week-long rain storm, commuting every day.

Raincoat Pro is a little pricey but a single bottle lasts me at least five to six months during the rainiest part of the year with regular applications.

I won’t go without Raincoat Pro if rain is a possibility. MotoSolutions has developed an awesome product that has made riding in the worst weather much safer.