Michelin Road 5 Tire Review: 500 Mile Update

April 4, 2018

I’ve put almost 500 miles on the Michelin Road 5 tires commuting on the R1200R.

They’ve been ridden in the wet more often than in the dry over the last month and performance has been excellent in all conditions. I did have one cold tire related slip but it was rider error; heavy throttle while cornering over a painted line on a 35 degree morning right after starting out. Just like the previous Pilot Road 4 it was very predictable and stable when loose, no problem at all. I have found the PR4 tended to break loose more easily while the Road 5 took some effort.

I have not had a chance to really push these in the twisties yet but would be surprised if they weren’t better than the PR4 based on how they’ve performed so far. I have a twisty rural route I use for testing suspension tuning and will give these tires a couple laps out there before the next update.

My opinion at 500 miles is that the older Pilot Road 4 is a great tire but the Road 5 is just that much better. For faster turn-in, better grip when cold and a more SPORT-touring than sport-TOURING tire get the Road 5. I’d give these a serious look for folks who commute on sportbikes during the week but hit the twisties on the weekends or all weather riders on any type of bike.

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Michelin Road 5 Tire Review: 500 Mile Update
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