Michelin Road 5 Tire Review

February 28, 2018

The problem with reviewing motorcycle tires is that new tires always feel better than old tires. It would be difficult to accurately compare different tires handling unless you have two sets of tires that are the same age mounted on the exact same bike, ridden back to back on the same route.

With my Michelin Road 5 review what I plan on doing is instead of writing one long piece about how they compare to my worn-out Pilot Road 4‘s I’ll write a series of short reviews throughout the life of the tires, including riding them on a multi-day trip on coastal twisties in a couple months, giving a better overview over the lifetime of the tires and seeing how well they wear as the miles add up.

Oh, and yes, the new version are called just ‘Road 5’ and not ‘Pilot Road 5’. Michelin has dropped the ‘Pilot’ from the name which had been around for the last 4 versions.

So far I’ve ridden the Road 5’s on two commutes on my R1200R, about 40 miles in total. I’ve had a few miles in rain, light rain and dry over these two days, a fairly good  range of weather. Initial observations is they warm up quickly, cold mornings don’t seem to phase them at all. Even in their brand new state they have been very grippy right out of the gate. Even though the Road 5 has less siping than the Pilot Road 4 they’ve been great in the rain so far. Other than me being a bit cautious due to the tires being new traction seems to be nearly equal in both wet and dry conditions.

Compared to the Pilot Road 4 the Road 5 turn-in feels quicker, more precise and generally have very “crisp” steering. At the same time the straight line stability is fantastic, bike is dead stable at slow speed in traffic as well and they track well at highway speeds even on grooved pavement.

The bike feels like it takes less effort to maneuver than it did with the PR4’s and at this point I have high confidence in the Road 5‘s in all conditions but more to come as I get some miles on them.

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