Daytona Road Star GTX Boots

Premium Motorcycle Footwear Review

June 17, 2018

I’m hard on riding boots, really hard on them. I’ve owned Sidi, Forma, and others but few have lasted me much longer than a year with daily use. They usually get retired from riding with worn out velcro, broken zips or leaking in the rain. I’m not saying any of these were bad boots, they just didn’t hold up to my level of abuse. My latest commuters have been just on the verge of worn-out for the past few months so I decided to replace them with a pair of Daytona Road Star GTX waterproof boots.

Frey Daytona are a German company known for handmade, high-quality motorcycle boots. Priced near the top-end, but durable and long lasting, the cost should even out over time.

Handling the Daytona Road Star GTX boots the first thing I noticed is how they feel high quality, sturdy and solid. Every stitch and every detail on these is perfect. They do have some weight to them but aren’t too heavy. They are stiff enough to require a little break-in but not at all uncomfortable. In fact, trying them on, I am surprised how comfortable they are initially. With the padding inside they feel very soft even though the uppers are a bit stiff. True to size, using the Daytona size chart I got the right fit on the first go.

Even though they don’t have any external armor or plastic sliders the Road Stars are CE-approved and fully armored with padding throughout, padded ankles and plastic shin guards. The inner sole is plastic and steel reinforced to prevent flexing in a crash. No doubt these will protect my feet and have a high level of protection when compared to other riding boots.

The GTXs have a unique double zipper entry making them very easy to get in and out of. With small velcro flaps at the top to keep the zippers in place. Very secure when worn, not tight but you almost feel locked-in when they are zipped up.

Between the hydrophobic full-grain leather outer and GoreTex liner these are a four-season boot and should do well in the rain. I suspect they might be a little warm on the hottest days but will be comfortable over the broad range of temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest.

The soles are lightly lugged and grippy. A nice feature to have in a commuting or touring boot where you’ll be putting your foot down on a variety of surfaces at stoplights. They can be resoled if you ever wear them out, adding to the longevity and value.

One feature these boots have that I havn’t seen before is a velcro panel on the back of each for calf size adjustment. You can get these dialed in to fit just right, also handy if you wear your boots over riding pants.

In comparison some models of the BMW and Vendramini boots might come close in quality and features but I don’t think the Daytonas can be directly compared to most touring boot options out there, worlds apart in quality and should last for years. Pricey but I am happy with them, especially as daily rider trying to approach gear with a “buy once” attitude. I do recommend shopping around if you are looking for a pair, there are some deals to be had out there.

Although my initial impression is excellent, I’ll post an update after I do some commuting and have a better feel for how they’ll hold up. The best judge of gear is time and miles.

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Daytona Road Star GTX Boots
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