BMW HP Milled Levers and Adjustable Footpegs

For the R1200R and R1200RS

June 10, 2018

After a recent trip I decided I needed to tweak the ergos on my 2016 R1200R LC. I did some research and sprung for a set of BMW HP milled clutch and brake levers (p/n 77258554323 and 77258554324) as well as the BMW HP milled footrests (p/n 77258552071 and 77258552072) in order to add some adjustability and just as a general upgrade over the stock bits.

The levers and footrests are both designed and manufactured by Gilles Tooling for BMW Motorrad. The machining and finish are the highest quality and I found myself spending some time just looking over all the details before installing them. They are flawless and a thing of beauty.

BMW HP Clutch and Brake Levers

There is no comparison between the HP milled levers and OEM levers when it comes to fit and finish. BMW’s OEM levers are functional but aren’t particularly nice.

The biggest difference between the HP and the stock levers is the HP levers are smoother and feel more comfortable in the hand, edges feel more rounded.

Both are adjustable but the HP levers are easier to change on the fly than stock. Just push or pull the adjustment dials and they ‘snick’ into place. The clutch lever only has three distance settings while the brake lever has five, both are sufficient and seem well thought out.

Installation was fairly easy. Being that these are just the levers you need to reuse some parts from the stock levers to get them mounted. I found it particularly difficult to move the bushings from the stock levers to the HP levers, tolerances seemed a bit tighter on the HP levers and it took some effort to press the bushings in while holding parts under spring tension together. Not terrible but it did take me a couple tries to get everything together.

BMW HP Adjustable Footrests

The footrest kit includes the left and right pegs with adjustable mounts and adjustable shift and rear brake levers.

The pegs milled metal surface are extremely grippy and also include rubber inserts for added grip and to deaden vibration through the pegs. These will work well in the wet.

The pegs can be mounted in one of three positions spanning about 30mm. In the middle and low position they also are set back a bit compared to stock, 5-10mm. The highest position is closest to stock, even in the top position they offer an improvement in comfort over the stock pegs.

Both the rear brake and shift levers have adjustable tips that be be changed for height and the tips can be moved closer to the footpeg if needed. Since you can still use the stock adjustments this means you can now dial them in to be just right.

All adjustments can be done with an 6mm hex and a T30 torx easily right on the bike. The 6mm is for the peg height and the torx for the tips.

Installation of the footrests and controls only took about a half-hour and was very simple. Took me almost as long to look up the torque numbers as it did to actually put everything together.

Worth it?

There is no getting around the fact that these are an expensive upgrade. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the parts are worth the cost and not overpriced for what you get, but if paying full price it’d be hard to pull the trigger. Rizoma and others have options that are a bit more affordable. That being said, if you can work a discount or do what I did, order them from overseas to take advantage of a favorable exchange rate, they are worth it, plus the bling factor is pretty high. I ordered mine from Bahnstormer and used a 44rewards discount, ending up being a reasonable price even with international shipping.

Fit, finish, adjustability and comfort are outstanding, although expensive, I wouldn’t expect anything less from BMW HP parts.

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BMW HP Milled Levers and Adjustable Footpegs for the R1200R and R1200RS
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