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Specs, Photos and Press Release

June 26, 2018

All photos and images provided by Beeline.

Beeline’s Kickstarter campaign for the Beeline Moto has gone live and we’ve got the latest information, including the official press release, specs and photos.

The main selling point of the Beeline Moto is simplicity. This isn’t like any other satnav or navigation device on the market, not even close. It has an amazingly small footprint for what it does and the emphasis is on ease of use. It has an easy to read interface with a large directional arrow instead of a map. Route creation is via a Google Map within the provided app on either an iPhone or Android device. From what I’ve seen so far I don’t think it would be possible to make navigation any more straightforward than Beeline have.

The Beeline Moto works worldwide, right out of the box. Unlike Garmin and TomTom satnavs there is no need to purchase additional maps for different regions. It uses Google Maps to create routes anywhere on the globe with your phone. I’m planning an overseas motorcycle trip for next year and will be taking only a carry-on bag and renting a bike at my destination. The small form factor of the Beeline Moto plus the fact it works worldwide means one will hopefully be traveling with me instead of my trusty, but bulky Garmin GPS.

The specs put battery life at an impressive 30 hours without using the backlight and 10 hours with. Enough battery that it doesn’t need to be hardwired to a bike, just pop it in the mount and ride. Recharge it via USB as needed. It’s also waterproof when in the mount, IP67 rated, so no worries about riding in the rain.

Full specifications for the Beeline Moto. Photo credit: Beeline.
Full specifications for the Beeline Moto. Photo credit: Beeline.

A detailed full-review will be coming as soon as I can get my hands on one and put some serious miles on it. If it lives up to the hype I think Beeline’s unique approach to motorcycle navigation over the typical GPS is going to be popular, especially with riders looking for ease of use or simply don’t have the space to mount a large GPS. Vintage, sport and naked motorcycle riders should give the Beeline Moto a serious look.

I recommend checking out the Kickstarter page sooner than later. The earlybird rewards on their previous Kickstarter, for the original Beeline for bicycles, sold out very quickly.

App for iPhone running IOS 9.2 or above or Android with Google Play running 4.4 KitKat or above. Photo credit: Beeline.
App for iPhone running IOS 9.2 or above or Android with Google Play running 4.4 KitKat or above. Photo credit: Beeline.

Press Release

Beeline Moto gives motorcyclists a breath of fresh air with easy navigation device

Intuitive navigation startup expands their line with new motorcycle product

June 26, 2018​ – London, UK – Today ​Beeline​ launches the Beeline Moto for the everyday motorcyclist in need of a sleek and intuitive navigation device. The Early Bird pricing will start at £79/$109 with the final retail price expected to be £149/$199.

Beeline Moto makes navigating on a motorcycle easy and safe by shunning complicated maps and overly detailed instructions in favour of a single arrow showing the user the direction to head in at any given moment. The partner app for iOS and Android allows quick and effortless route planning and tracking.

Go to Beeline Moto on Kickstarter

Beeline’s philosophy is that giving the simplest information required for navigation while on the move results in fun, stress free, safe journeys during which riders can focus on the road ahead rather than being distracted by technology. Beeline Moto builds upon this foundation, optimising it for motorcyclists with turn by turn route guidance, full waterproofing and beefed up mounting mechanisms to deal with higher speeds and vibrations.

Beeline Co-founder, Tom Putnam says ​“We’ve had people asking us to develop a motorcycle version of Beeline ever since we launched the cycling product in 2015. As motorcyclists, as well as cyclists, we fully appreciate the need. Motorcyclists need clean, non-distracting navigation systems and that just didn’t seem to exist and certainly not at a reasonable price point.”

The underlying technology applies algorithms to both the phone and device sensors which then points the rider in the correct direction along the road or track at all times. The complex technology behind the scenes results in a delightfully simple user experience, knowing which way to go at all times, allowing the rider to enjoy the road.

Beeline Co-founder, Mark Jenner explains ​“It was the simplicity of the navigation in our first product that captured people’s imagination. With Beeline Moto we’ve focussed on maintaining this level of excellence, while fulfilling the needs of motorcyclists. Whereas the original cycling product simply pointed you at the end destination, like a compass, Beeline Moto gives the option of full route guidance. It still uses that clear arrow to follow but now steering you along a precise route, which can be set up in a few taps on the phone. Compass mode is still available for off road riding.”

Beeline Moto is fully waterproof and shockproof. Its 350mAh battery lasts for 30 hours of use between charges compared to around 5 hours on traditional satnavs. The reflective display is crisp under bright sunlight and features an automatic backlight for night riding. A range of mounts allow it to be attached to any bike’s handlebars or tank, while the twist-lock mechanism allows the unit to be clipped on and off the bike in moments and tucked away in your pocket.

Beeline Moto is available to back on ​Kickstarter now,​ from $109/£79 with twin packs, additional mounts and limited edition machined aluminum versions also available for a limited time.

Photo credit: Beeline.
Beeline Moto - Smart Navigation for Motorcycles
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Beeline Moto - Smart Navigation for Motorcycles
Beeline's Kickstarter campaign for the Beeline Moto has gone live and we've got the latest information, including the official press release, specs and photos.
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