The Hythe Card Holder by Ashley Watson

A Minimalist Wallet for Motorcyclists

July 4, 2018

My old wallet was an uncomfortable annoyance in my front pocket when sitting on the bike. I often ended up stashing it in a pannier or jacket pocket that I would then forget to zip, a disaster waiting to happen.

In motorcycling, sometimes the simplest things can make a big difference.

The Hythe Card Holder

The Hythe Card Holder from Ashley Watson is a simple, two-pocket leather wallet with just enough room for what I need and nothing else. The way it folds it keeps everything secure with the two pockets facing inward. Folded it measures only 2.25″ by 3.75″. So small and thin that at first I kept thinking I had forgotten it somewhere, although it was in my front pocket. Perfect for on the motorcycle and around town.

Crafted in London of high-grade leather with sealed edges and robust stitching, I suspect it will outlast me and will look even better with time and patina. The brass logo riveted to the front looks great and sets it apart.

Everything I need, but as little as possible

I’ve been working on minimizing what I carry on the bike or traveling in general and the Hythe Card Holder adds another welcomed constraint. In my wallet I really only need my motorcycle license, a debit card, a credit card, my bike registration, and insurance card. For a bigger trip any additional cards, paperwork or cash are stashed elsewhere in my luggage or jacket as not to keep all my eggs in one basket. The Hythe Card Holder holds everything I need in the smallest footprint.

The Designer

Ashley Watson is a motorcyclist himself and I recommend checking out the stories and photos on his journal from his bike trips. His products, the best known is probably the Eversholt Jacket, are well thought out and refined based on his riding experiences and testing. Two mottos mentioned on his site are “Form and function in equal measures” and “Motorcycle clothing, the way it should be”, both are spot-on when it comes to his designs. He’s creating finely crafted motorcycle gear, made in England, and truly stands out from other manufacturers. I’d place Ashley Watson more in the realm of crafted, high-end gear like Aether Apparel than the mass-market gear from  Alpenstars or Dainese.

I’ve got another item from Ashley Watson in the queue that I’ll be reviewing when it’s cooler outside. Keep an eye out for my write-up on the Cardington Sweatshirt from his Works Collection. A base layer which should be perfect for riding on cool mornings and fall weather.

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The Hythe Card Holder by Ashley Watson
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