Aether Moto Gloves

High-end Motorcycle Handwear

September 1, 2018

Like other Aether products the Moto Gloves are not overtly technical or covered in armor or branding. They have a classic, stealthy and well thought out design with protection where it counts. The gloves are constructed from a very supple 100% cowhide leather, available in either black or tan. Quilted stitching on the knuckles and palm are a cool detail that adds some extra style. The look is retro-ish, but not trying too hard.

For protection the gloves have dense but light-weight foam armor in the knuckles and double-thick leather on the palm, thumb and and tops of the fingers. They are held on securely with an adjustable velcro cuff and elastic at the wrist. Protection-wise I’d put them in the same category as a Lee Parks or Aerostich glove, enough for street riding. For serious sport riding I would wear something that included scaphoid and knuckle armor but for urban riding and sport-touring these are perfect and have become my go-to glove for most of my riding. 

I’ve been commuting in mine for the past week and have found them to be extremely comfortable from the first wear, no break-in required. They have excellent lever feel and don’t inhibit dexterity at all. In stop-and-go traffic on a hot day they gloves did surprisingly well. Even though they are not vented I had no problems with heat.

I have not been disappointed in the quality or durability of any of the Aether gear I’ve tried so far and the Moto Gloves are no exception. The craftsmanship and quality materials really make them stand out compared to other gloves, they just feel right.

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