Here are some links to motorcycling resources I like and use. This isn’t everything, just some of my favorites.

Gear – Riding suits including the Roadcrafter, Darien and more. Legends. – Formerly NewEnough. Excellent prices and customer service. Also check out their helmet fitting tool/service at

Aether Apparel – High-end quality yet understated gear. Classy and won’t make you look like a spaceman or NASCAR driver.


Team Oregon

Northwest Motorcycle School – Do this. No really, go sign up now.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Fast Eddie’s Motorcycle Fun – Riding tips, tricks and techniques.


The Wheelnerds

The Pace – On hiatus but the old episodes are worth a listen.

Sound RIDER! Show


The Missenden Flyer – Excellent video reviews posted to his YouTube channel. Bikes, gear and more. In-depth and unbiased.