Route 47 and Scappoose Vernonia Highway

June 10, 2017 in

Rode Highway 30 from Portland to Clatskanie and for the return trip I took Route 47 to the Scappoose Vernoia Highway until it rejoined 30. Just shy of a 3 hour ride with a distance of 110 miles. The Highway 30 is boring slab until it changes from four to two lanes near Rainier. Highway 47 The junction of 30 and 47 is easy to miss, use the... View Article

Muc-Off Nano Gel Bike Cleaner

June 10, 2017 in

I admit I’m a terrible human being, I rarely clean my bikes. I’d much rather ride my motorcycle than take the time to clean it. Ridden daily, rain or shine, the Beemer was well overdue for a scrub so I decided to try find an easier way with a spray-on/hose-off cleaner. I had heard good things about Muc-Off products and decided... View Article

Wunderlich Tank Bag Sport for the BMW R1200R/RS LC

June 2, 2017 in

First off, I am not much of a fan of tank bags. I get annoyed having to futz with them at fuel stops and deal with mounting straps when the bag is not on the bike. In my case I mainly wanted a convenient place to stash my camera on the motorcycle and for this was willing to put up with a tank... View Article

The George A. Wyman Memorial Grand Tour

May 30, 2017 in

Researching some rides online and The Iron Butt Association George A. Wyman Memorial Grand Tour is looking very interesting. 3,600 miles but a long timeframe to complete it if you aren’t going for gold. Series of waypoints between San Francisco and New York City that must be hit in order with documentation. One of the things that stands out about this grand... View Article

Nealey Mini Tire Repair Kit

May 27, 2017 in

Having the ability to plug and inflate a motorcycle tire can mean the difference between being stranded and needing a tow or continuing riding. On my bikes I always keep a Nealey Mini Tire Repair kit under the seat or in a pannier and some CO2 cartridges or my Aerostich pump. The Nealey Mini Tire Repair Kit includes 10 tire repair strings... View Article

Rocky Point Road Loop

May 26, 2017 in

Only a 32 mile loop but very twisty and almost no traffic on a weekday. Uphill portion of the ride is almost entirely curves with a couple of serious hairpins. Gravel in some of the apexes due to dirt roads off the main road. Fun ride but I’d not push it too hard. Rocky Point Road is just off highway... View Article

Sauvie Island

May 25, 2017 in

Did my usual short motorcycle ride route, out to Sauvie Island and back. Good varied roads, scenic and generally not too much traffic or excitement other than wildlife and farm equipment. Sauvie is a good out and back trip when you’ve only got an hour or so to burn. This time I hit both parts but usually just do the main loop. The road out... View Article

Motorcycle Seat Upgrade on the Cheap

May 24, 2017 in

This is a rundown of how you can easily upgrade an OEM motorcycle seat yourself by insetting some high-grade ‘Pudgee’ foam. An affordable option when you can’t justify a custom built seat from one of the pros. Motorcycle seat comfort is subjective but for me this made the stock seat magnitudes better for long days on the bike and was a fun... View Article

Trojan Park – Rainier, OR

May 23, 2017 in

Just a short motorcycle ride today. Hwy 30 is pretty much a straight slog heading north from Portland. When you get about 10 miles from the park it goes to two lanes and a bit curvy. The road is more interesting north of the park heading to the coast but I didn’t go that far this time.

Hex EzCAN Review

May 21, 2017 in

About six months ago I added the accessory manager to my 2016 BMW R1200R motorcycle and the biggest takeaway I have is the easy, clean install. No wire splicing, tapping into the bike’s harness or rats nest of wiring to clean up. The days of buying a marine fuse box and relay and building your own harness are over. I’ve run a Rowe... View Article