Aether Rally Jacket

August 13, 2017

Just got the new Rally Motorcycle Jacket from Aether Apparel and I am blown away by the quality.

Yes, I am normally a pretty dedicated Aerostich guy but I wanted something that can be worn off the bike when walking around,  on a plane for a fly-and-ride and so on. Aerostich is great on the bike but not so great if you want to get off the bike and walk around but don’t have the room to stuff the suit in your panniers.

Although some riders like to knock Aether gear for being “too fashionable” or expensive this is serious kit; Dynatec abrasion resistant fabric, D3O CE level 1 armor at the shoulders and elbows, level 2 back protector, heavy-duty stitching and lifetime warranty. Checking the jacket out in person you’ll find the price is very reasonable for what you are getting.

Review forthcoming, after I get some miles on it and an overnight trip, but after just trying it on and handling it I wouldn’t hesitate to head out on a multi-month roadtrip with this as my only jacket for both on and off the bike.

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