Wunderlich Tank Bag Sport for the BMW R1200R/RS LC

June 2, 2017

Wunderlich Tank Bag Sport mountsdFirst off, I am not much of a fan of tank bags. I get annoyed having to futz with them at fuel stops and deal with mounting straps when the bag is not on the bike. In my case I mainly wanted a convenient place to stash my Fuji X100 camera on the motorcycle and for this was willing to put up with a tank bag for that. My criteria for a tank bag when I started looking around were:

  • Low-profile
  • Reasonably water resistant or waterproof
  • Easily removed when fueling or off the bike
  • Fits in a pannier so I can lock it up if needed

In my research I ran across the Wunderlich Tank Bag Sport for the R1200R and RS liquid-cooled models and decided to give it a go.

Installation and mounting

Wunderlich Tank Bag Sport fuel cap bracketWhat immediately attracted me to the bag was the mounting system. The Wunderlich Sport Tank Bag uses Tenax fasteners, fairly common in marine applications, to attach the bag to the tank. These are a sort of stud that mates to a clip. You pull up on the outer ring of the clip to unfasten it and it releases the stud. Simply clip the bag onto studs, no straps, magnets, etc., very clean and easy. The Tenax fasteners are very secure and the bag will not come off the bike unless intentionally unclipped.

With the bag is included two threaded Tenax studs that replace two screws at the front of the tank panels and a bracket for the fuel cap. Install took ten minutes and it was good to go. The front two studs aren’t really noticeable at all when the bag is not mounted. The rear bracket doesn’t look bad and it’s close enough in color to the gas cap to not stand out.


Blue interior so you don't lose stuffThe Wunderlich Sport Tank Bag quality is excellent. It definitely feels like a nice piece of bike luggage and not a cheap generic tank bag. The exterior is built with a heavy-duty water resistant impregnated Cordura and is very rugged. The bag is fairly rigid and holds it’s shape when empty. The interior is lined in a bright blue material to make it easy to find small items.


The tank bag itself is small at only 10 liters and just has the one main compartment. The way I view a bag like this is it’s not for additional cargo space but more a place to keep things convenient and it does this well. Features are sparse but it includes a power port at the front and elastic webbing on top to hold small items.

My Setup

My setup with camera held in foam.The way I’ve got mine setup is with a block of foam leftover from some seat mods with a hole cut in it the diameter of my Fuji X100’s lens, Velcroed into the bag. I can now pull off the road, pull the camera out of the tank bag, take a few photos and ride off without getting off the bike. I’ve also added a bulkhead power connector found on Amazon to the power port for charging gadgets and camera batteries on the move.

I ended up purchasing a Wunderlich Adjustable Nav Holder after a couple weeks as I found my GPS was slightly bumping the bag at full lock. I’ll add a seperate review of the Wunderlich Nav Holder in the future.


The two issues I think many folks will have is it’s small size and lack of map pocket. If a small bag will work for you this is an excellent choice and looks great on the bike. The mounting system is quick and very secure. I’m happy I picked this up and would recommend it!

Wunderlich Tank Bag Sport mountsd Wunderlich Sport Tankbag mounted Tenax clip

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