Nealey Mini Tire Repair Kit

May 27, 2017

Having the ability to plug and inflate a motorcycle tire can mean the difference between being stranded and needing a tow or continuing riding. On my bikes I always keep a Nealey Mini Tire Repair kit under the seat or in a pannier and some CO2 cartridges or my Aerostich pump. The Nealey Mini Tire Repair Kit includes 10 tire repair strings for tubeless tires, an insertion tool,  and instructions for a very reasonable price.

How it Works

The Nealey tool and strings appear similar to other “sticky string” kits but they are actually quite different. Using the Nealey kit no-glue is required! No sticky mess or discovering your old tube of rubber cement has dried up when you need it most. The Nealey strings are thinner and longer than typical tire repair strings and easier to insert. The included tool’s eye is not split at the end like others. How these two things work together is that with the longer strings and the tool’s solid eye you twist the string after inserting to remove the tool and forms a knot as a plug. According to Nealey this is a permanent repair, unlike other sticky strings. I have ridden hundreds of miles on tires plugged with a Nealey kit and they have heard air without an issue.


Sure, you can buy a Slime brand kit from your local autoparts store but the similarly priced Nealey Kit is worlds apart.

Nealey Tire Repair products can be ordered directly from Nealey at


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