Muc-Off Nano Gel Bike Cleaner

June 10, 2017

I admit I’m a terrible human being, I rarely clean my bikes. I’d much rather ride my motorcycle than take the time to clean it. Ridden daily, rain or shine, the Beemer was well overdue for a scrub so I decided to try find an easier way with a spray-on/hose-off cleaner. I had heard good things about Muc-Off products and decided to give them a shot and purchased their Nano Gel Cleaner Concentrate.


First thing you’ll notice is it’s an unnaturally bright pink color. Doesn’t really have much of a scent, which is a good thing, mild soapy smell if anything. Following the instructions I mixed it at a ratio of 25% Nano Gel to 75% water. I did cheat a bit, though, it is sold as a refill but I used a Meguiar’s spray bottle instead. The Muc-Off sprayer might be better as the bottle I used misted more than sprayed but it worked ok.


Diluted Muc-Off Nano in the sprayer. Pinker than the pinkest pink.Following the instructions I first hosed down the motorcycle really well with water, making sure to get the entire thing very wet. Then I sprayed  the diluted Muc-Off Nano Gel everywhere on the bike, getting the bike  good and sudsy.  Waited 3-5 minutes for it to do it’s work, no longer though as you really don’t want this drying on the bike. Give it a scrub with a chamois, brush or microfiber cloth to get all the stubborn bits clean and then thoroughly hose the bike off with clean water. Make sure to get it completely rinsed off.

Does it work?

Absolutely. My R1200R came out clean and shiny and it only took about 15 minutes of work! The biggest shortcoming with it is me. I missed a few spots, especially the nooks and crannies around the engine. Had I spent more time agitating it with the chamois it would have turned out better.

Muc-Off's Nano Cleaner is not a magic bullet for lazy folks, it still takes some elbow grease but it’s likely the closest thing to effortless you gan get. This is a great cleaner for a low-effort utility wash but if you are the sort who keeps their bikes waxed and detailed this would only be the first step in a cleaning and polishing regimen. Since I ride daily and my bikes don’t stay clean for long this is perfect for my use by itself.

Here’s some before and after pics. The after pics don’t do it justice, it looks even better in person.

Before cleaning After cleaningBefore cleaningAfter cleaning - you can see some of the nooks I missed.Before cleaning After cleaning, shiny!

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