Icon Patrol 2 Boots

November 6, 2017

I ordered a pair of the new Icon Patrol 2 boots from RevZilla the day they came out. I had been looking for a motorcycle boot that was comfortable off the bike and was having a hard time finding what I wanted. I didn’t want something covered in logos or plastic sliders but something more stealthy. The Patrols seemed like they would fit the bill and weren’t crazy expensive.  Also available in brown but I went for the black version.


By going with a short boot I was giving up some protection over my usual Sidi All Roads but for a short boot the Icons aren’t bad at all and a good compromise. D3O armor throughout, plastic heel cup and good ankle support, especially with the BOA lacing system.

BOA Lacing System

I initially thought the BOA lacing system was a bit of a gimmick but it’s actually pretty awesome and works very well. BOA is used in a lot of outdoor gear as well as in some Knox gloves. Convenient and fast to get in and out of the boots, it’s a feature I hope to see available on more boots in the future. Check out the video at the bottom of this review to see how it works.


So this is the big issue for me as I wanted something I could walk around in comfortably while off the bike, if I was traveling and wanted to see the sites or shop. These are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve had yet and really feel more like a hiking boot to walk around in than a motorcycle boot. The soles offer excellent grip even though they are fairly smooth.


Ok, this is the one strange thing about these boots, the sizing is on the small size. Like on the really small size. I ordered a full size up from my normal size and they fit perfectly. Had I purchased them in my usual size I’m not sure I could have even gotten my foot in them.


I don’t have a lot of miles on them yet and am curious how they’ll hold up in the long run but I’m totally happy with these. They perfectly fit all the criteria I had, look great and are really comfortable.



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