Two Stroke Coffee Co.

Moto Cafe in North Portland

June 3, 2018

I’ll avoid using the word “authentic” but Two Stroke Coffee Co. is the real-deal local spot to get coffee and check-out bikes in North Portland. Besides attracting the local motorcycle scene, Two Stroke is a popular St. Johns neighborhood cafe as well as a place you can take your Macbook to get some work done over a cup of coffee.

The cafe is open and airy with high ceilings and a balcony area. Besides table and widow seating they’ve also added a couple cushy couches, perfect place to recover from the previous night with some coffee and a bagel or to kick back and read for a bit.

Two Stroke’s baristas are perfectionists and the coffee drinks amazing but there’s no coffee snobbery here, it’s a laid-back and friendly vibe. The coffee is custom blended and roasted for the cafe by Portland’s own Water Avenue Coffee.

Being located in North Portland makes it a great starting or stopping point for weekend rides on Skyline, the Sauvie Island loop or any of the routes in this end of town.

There are usually a few older grey import, two stroke or unobtanium bikes on display around the cafe, not to mention a variety of interesting customer bikes out front in the motorcycle-only parking, especially on weekends.

With recent renovations Two Stroke has expanded the cafe and added a bigger screen for showing motorcycle racing. A good-sized crowd gathers regularly to watch SBK and Moto GP during the racing season.

If you like coffee and especially if you’re into motorcycles it’s worth checking out Two Stroke.

With all of the motorcycle cafes we now have around the Pacific Northwest: Two Stroke, See See, Spoken Moto, The Wick, and Wheelies it’s tempting to plan a bike tour to visit them all, might be a project for next summer.