Motorrad Angels

Good Works on Two Wheels

November 9, 2018

One of the more interesting chats I had at this year’s AIMExpo was meeting Ben Palmer from Motorrad Angels and learning how they help people. Motorrad Angels are a charity dedicated to getting people in impoverished countries access to clean water, and doing it on two wheels.

Motorrad Angels delivers Sawyer water filter kits to people without access to clean water and educates them on their use. Each filter can provide enough clean water for one hundred people for five to seven years. This works out to an amazing 340 gallons per day.

Ben demonstrated how the water filter works and we tested the result. Considering how dirty the water was before filtration, I was impressed. The water was perfectly clear and 100% safe to drink after being filtered. It actually tasted better than our hotel’s tap water.

Ben explained that easy access to clean water can have a huge effect on improving impoverished people’s lives overall. One example of this is when children aren’t getting sick from unclean water they can focus on thier education which will help improve their quality of life.

Motorrad Angels currently have chapters in 29 countries. You can find more information and donate to their efforts at: